Your Story

So, what’s your story? Are you the college student in debt?  The starving artist? The mom with no time for yourself because you’ve got kids and soccer practice and…?  We love our stories.  I’m no exception.  Our story gives us definition of where we are, we use it to justify our current situation.  When we … More Your Story

Asking A Question

If you’re a fan of this blog, chances are you’ve heard of something called the Law of Attraction.  The Law of Attraction basically states that “Ask and you Shall Receive.”  The problem with this approach for some people is that they don’t ask, they demand.  While demanding has it’s place in the universe, asking allows … More Asking A Question

Lesson Learned

I’ll never forget the moment I was told how the next 10 years of my life were going to go.  I was sitting in a computer room in Sophomore year of High School listening to my guidance counselor drone on about the wonders of getting a college education, about taking the SAT, about picking a … More Lesson Learned

Powerful Experience

Last Saturday, I attended a Christmas Staff party. The experience was interesting. This was the first staff party that I attended that I have not ran myself in a long time. Having been a GM for four years, I was not new to running these type of events. The current owner of where I work … More Powerful Experience

Show and Tell

I recently came across a posting online about Show and Tell.  I remember hating show and tell.  Most of the kids in my class brought in their pet rabbit or a book they liked to read or some drawing they did, etc.  Whenever it was my turn, I always felt kind of lost.  I didn’t … More Show and Tell